Why didn't I earn cash back?

If the cash back from your purchase was denied or reduced, it could be due to one of the reasons below.

Give it more time

Earning cash back is only instantaneous when using Upside Pay. Most claims will finish processing within 4 business days, but some locations can take up to 10. This varies based on how frequently a retailer sends us their data.

Make sure your card is in Upside

Upside uses your credit or debit card to confirm your purchase. Without it, we cannot validate your transaction. Learn more about adding cards to your Wallet.

Check the address

An Upside offer is for a specific location. Tap Directions after accepting the offer to ensure you go to the right place.

Upload your entire receipt 

If a receipt is required, the image should contain as much as possible. This includes the location, date, time, and items you purchased.

Avoid discounts found outside of Upside

Using codes, offers, or promotions from outside Upside can lower or outright void your cash back. This includes affiliate cash back programs like GasBuddy or Checkout 51.

Claim the offer before purchase

Only claim offers for future purchases. Prepaid receipts rarely contain all the data we need.

Avoid ineligible products

You may have purchased something that's not eligible for cash back. Learn more about what items do not qualify.

Share the receipt

Retailers sometimes forget or delay sending us transaction data. When this happens for offers that don't require a receipt, we cannot reconcile your claim. You'll need to contact us with proof of purchase.


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