How does Upside's referral program work?

Every Upside user has a unique six-digit invite code. Yours can be found by tapping Earn More on the home screen. By sharing this code with friends and family, you can earn even more cash back on future gas purchases.

Before claiming any offers, the person you referred will need to enter your invite code the same way they apply a promo code. Their first purchase will then need to be $10 or more (before tax and tip). If done correctly, you’ll see two benefits:

  • First-Purchase Bonus - Both you and the person you referred will get an extra 15 cents per gallon on your next gas purchase.
  • Extra Per-Gallon Earnings - You'll get an extra cent for every gallon of gas they buy in the future, and a half cent every time one of their referrals gets gas.
Note: Referrals will not appear as Active until they claim an offer and receive cash back.

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