The app won't load so that I can log in! Help!

1. Check to be sure your phone is set to network time by using these steps:

  • Settings >> General/System >> Date & Time

  • Make sure that Automatic date & time is turned on

  • Make sure that Automatic time zone is turned on

2a. If you have an Android phone:

You may need to fully clear the data from the app before reinstalling it. Sometimes your account profile data gets corrupted and when you reinstall, Android doesn't fully clear the data.

Follow these steps:

  • Clear data by going to: Settings >> Apps & notifications >> Upside >> Storage >> Clear Data

  • Uninstall Upside, Reinstall Upside

  • Log back in

2b. If you are using an iPhone/iOS device:

  • Delete the app entirely and reinstall it, sometimes 2-3 times, just clear out all cached information.

  • You may have to make a change in your settings first to allow you to delete the App completely.

    • Go to Settings, then Screen Time, then Content & Privacy Restrictions, then iTune & App Purchases and where it says "Deleting Apps," switch it to "Allow." 


3. Turn off your VPN if it is set outside the US.

The Upside app is currently only available to US, and an active VPN masks your device's actual location which can prevent you from installing or using the app.



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