My Upside Account is Connected to Facebook - What Should I Know?

With Upside, you can sign up for the app through your Facebook profile, keeping you connected to your account (and your friends) while you earn cash back!

There are a few things to keep in mind if you sign up for the app through Facebook:

  • If Facebook has an outage (which is rare, but sometimes happens!), your Upside account might be temporarily unavailable.
  • If the email address you have on-file with Facebook is out-of-date or no longer active, you may have trouble receiving communications from us, including your cash out and password reset emails.
  • If you change the email address on your Facebook account, you'll lose access to your Upside account.
  • If your Upside account is connected to your Facebook account, our support staff is unable to reset your password on our end.
  • If you delete or disable your Facebook account, your Upside account will be unavailable, too, unless you reactivate your Facebook account!
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