How do I add a new card to 'My Wallet' on Android?

Click on "My Wallet".

Tap "Add a new card".


Tap on the number entry spot next to the blank card icon.


When the keyboard appears, enter the first six digits of the card number, then the last four digits. Once the first six have been entered, you will automatically jump to the spot for the last four without having to leave the keyboard. 

The example card above will highlight the digits so you know you have all the required numbers.


Tap the check box on your keyboard when you finish entering the numbers.


Tap "Add another card" to add more cards, or tap "Done".


Tap "Confirm" to confirm the card details.


Your newly added card will now show a "Remove" button next to it. You can add more cards on this screen, or tap "Done" to return to your My Wallet screen.  

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