Can I use Upside with gas station rewards (like cards and coupons)?

Yes, you can use the rewards programs you already currently enjoy at your favorite gas stations! It’s important to note, however, that if you use a rewards card or other promotion* alongside Upside, your Upside cash back per gallon will be reduced to account for the cost of the other promotion.


As a reminder, when gas margins are tight for merchants, your offers might not be as high, and sometimes the other discount might reduce your Upside offer a fair bit, but you'll always receive at least $.01/gal from us.

We know that marking down your Upside offer may seem like a bummer, but this helps us work better with our merchants - making sure that both businesses and app users get what they need!

*Note: A receipt may be denied if it's been processed by an affiliate cash back program, such as Checkout 51 or GasBuddy. Cash back for a receipt can only be issued once.

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