Why do I need to claim the offer before I make my purchase?

When using the app, we ask that you claim the offer before making your purchase to: 

  1. Ensure you’re seeing the right offer amount. Gas stations in Upside change their offers all the time based on their business needs at the moment you open the app. Gas prices and margins change constantly, so the offers in the Upside app change with them. We ask you to claim the Upside offer first so that the offer you're seeing in the app is the exact offer you receive when making your purchase.
  2. Stay within the specific offer window. Gas stations provide offers to get you to go to their station, and the offer amounts are based on their real-time needs. It’s not possible to take advantage of an offer after the window has expired, because the business’s needs will have likely changed — and so will the offer amounts the station is willing to pay you! 


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