The gas price was different than what was noted on the app. Help!

The price you see in the Upside app should match the price you see on the gas station’s sign, but occasionally, Upside’s price may be different from the actual price on the sign at the station. The good news is that we can see exactly when you bought gas, and we cross reference each of your transactions with the gas stations records. Your cash back will be calculated based on the number of gallons of gas you purchased at the price shown on your receipt or in the gas station’s transaction log. So even if the gas prices don't match, you'll still receive the ¢/gal cash back as noted.* 


(*Note: We will not be able to adjust the offer amount if the gas price is incorrect in the app to make up the difference in price.)


When you see a price that's different than the actual price on the sign at the station, you can update the price in Upside by following these steps:


  1. Select "Update gas prices" when looking at the station offer details:


  2. Input correct price and submit.


Thanks for your help!

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