I claimed an offer, but didn’t earn anything. What happened?



To earn cash back with Upside, make sure you always use the app correctly. Here are some reminders:


  • Check the business address: When you claim an Upside offer, it’s for a specific location. Make sure you check the address of the business where you claimed the offer. We can only honor the offer if the offer address matches the address on your receipt.
  • Claim an offer before you make a purchase: You can only claim offers for future purchases. So to earn cash back, you have to claim an offer in the app before you make a purchase.
  • Upload your entire receipt: Make sure the picture you upload is of your entire receipt. We need to see the location, date, time, and items you purchased to process your receipt. If your receipt is torn or cut off at the bottom, we will not be able to accept it.
  • Check your receipt: Every once in a while we get a receipt that’s a total mismatch (like your most recent trip to the dry cleaners). Make sure your receipt matches the right location, date, and time for the offer you claimed.
    • If the receipt is not available, you can send us the card type (Visa, MC, etc), and last 4 digits of the card you used for this purchase, along with a screenshot of your card statement reflecting the purchase.
  • Note: A receipt may be denied if it's been processed by an affiliate cash back program like GasBuddy or Checkout 51. Cash back for an offer can only be issued once. Please contact support within 21 days of your offer claim date if you would like your offer investigated for any of the above reasons; we are unable to investigate offers older than 21 days.
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