I signed up for the app with my Apple account - what should I know?


Great question! When you sign up with Upside using your Apple account, Apple opts you into the feature of "Hide my Email." Our system is secure, but this is an additional measure from Apple that they offer their users, when signing up for any app, to protect your information. A unique, random email address is created, so your personal email address isn't shared with us.

Your account will function fine with your personal email address; you'll receive emails and be able to log in - we just aren't able to see it! Instead, you're assigned a random email in our system that's a mix of letters and numbers, with the ending of "" When logging in, be sure to always tap "Continue with Apple" and use your Apple password! 

If you need to reach out to us, please look for your invite code at the bottom of your "Profile" page - and we can take it from there!



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